Information for inclusion on the website should be sent to either the Web Editor – email address is or to your Group Leader.

There is no restriction on the content other than it should be relevant to Portsdown U3A or one of its Interest Groups. It should not be commercial or contentious.

Submissions for inclusion on the website may be referred to the Chairman for approval. The sender will be informed if this happens.

Personal information such as telephone numbers and home addresses will only be published in exceptional circumstances and only with the prior approval of the Committee and the person concerned.

It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that any photographs, graphics, logos, symbols or anything of a similar nature are free from copyright, or have a published copyright licence that provides free unlimited commercial use. In such cases the sender should provide details of the source.

Information that is no longer relevant may be removed after that date or archived.

Formats, layout, colour schemes and size of any submission are at the discretion of the web editor. If you have specific requirement/s consult the web editor first.

The website is copyright to Portsdown U3A. Any submissions included on the website that are not copyright protected become the property of Portsdown U3A and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

Any media that is copyright protected must either have the written permission of the author, or have a published licence that provides free unlimited commercial use on the Portsdown U3A website.

The website may contain links to other websites over which Portsdown U3A has no control. Therefore Portsdown U3A is not responsible for their content or for the protection or privacy of any data which you provide when visiting external sites.

Any privacy issues, mistakes or copyright concerns on published material should be drawn to the attention of the Chair or the web-editor as soon as possible.

The website carries a warning that the site uses cookies and that continuing to browse is taken as acceptance of the use of cookies.

Please be aware that once material is published it is probable that it will be copied and stored by search engines or databases that collect such information. This material will then be out of our control and cannot be edited or removed.

Portsdown U3A takes a proactive approach where the privacy of its members is concerned. Please refer to these documents:

• Data Protection Policy
• Website Publishing Policy
• Website Cookie and Privacy Policy

These documents are published on our website and should be read in conjunction with each other. Printed copies are obtainable from the Secretary.

Please note: This policy is posted for information only and may be altered or amended at any time.

Rules for Editors – usually Group Leaders

Group Leaders who are editors may only amend or add to their own pages.

Any difficulties in uploading should be reported to the Web Editor.

Any mistakes that you can’t rectify should be reported immediately to the Web Editor or the Chairman.

Advice to Group Leaders on publishing material on the Portsdown U3A website

Please note: If you are not the person who posts your groups activities on the website, or sends them on to the Web Editor for them to post, please pass this advice on to whoever does it on your behalf.

It is agreed that your text and pictures are yours regardless as to whether you have posted them on other social media. However, you have probably given them the right to do with the data almost anything they wish to do unless you have set the preferences to limit this eventuality.

Any photograph you have taken and would like to use needs the permission of the subject/s involved. This does not mean that if someone suddenly appears in your picture and is half way down the street that you have to chase after them, you don’t.

The Web Editor will be happy to post your pictures as long as you can confirm that you have the required permission.

The Web Editor puts most of the photographs on to Google Albums and there terms are similar to other social media. You can look at these on:

For the publishing of other material that may or may not be your own, you will need to be careful about infringing someone’s rights and about not falling foul of the copyright laws.

There is the issue of ‘Freedom of Panorama’. In essence this is an exception to the copyright laws meaning a licence is not necessary when a photograph of public art or architecture is taken. ‘Freedom of Panorama’ applies to the UK but does not extend to photographs of either landmarks or other pictures taken in some other countries. For guidance see:

In respect of postings on the website the responsibility lies with Portsdown U3A, unless an individual posts something undesirable then the individual maybe held responsible. If the U3A has taken reasonable care and weighed up the risks, the insurance will cover the Trustees.