Please contact us to register your interest or to get more details… Email:



If you are interested in forming a new group (or another group based on an existing interest subject) then please get in touch to discuss your ideas.


Portsdown U3A is run by volunteers who take on tasks big and small. If you have time to spare then please get in touch and we will find a role that matches your interests, skills and time you want to contribute.


If you would like to organise a one-off event for Portsdown U3A then we would be very interested to hear your ideas.


Many of our groups limit numbers for a variety of reasons. If a group is currently full then you can add your name to a waiting list. Some groups organise events that are open to all members eg: Travel group. Please contact the Group Leaders for more details.

Even if there are no spaces there is always the option of forming another group based on an existing interest subject. If you would like to volunteer as a new Group Leader then please get in touch.

There are no limits on the number of groups a member can join. The only proviso is, if there are two or more groups with very similar remits, for example: Play Reading 1 and Play Reading 2; Book Group 1 and Book Group 2, a member may only join one of the groups to allow other members to participate in their chosen interest.

Prospective members may attend two taster sessions before joining a group. Should they then wish to join that group they must become paid-up members of Portsdown U3A.