This is a group for members who already speak French, usually to GCSE (O Level) standard or above. 

We meet on the first working Monday of each month from 2pm but take a holiday break in August.  We meet in different members’ houses, but being able to host meetings is of course not a membership requirement. 

We tackle a variety of language practice activities and often read adapted news articles.  Each month members take home a ‘homework’ task and often use the internet to research topics.  Some of us occasionally go to the cinema together when French language films are showing as we are very lucky in Portsmouth to have three independent cinemas within reach.

At the moment the group has eleven members which is probably more than the ideal full complement to give everyone plenty of chances to join in.  But if you wish to put your name on the waiting list do send an email to the contact address below.

Group leader: Maureen Vilar