Bridge picture

Bridge continues to meet weekly at The Church of the Resurrection on a Thursday from 10.30am to 12.30pm. 

A ​6-week beginner’s course started in February 2022.  It was on a Wednesday morning from 10.30am to 12.30pm.   It seemed to be enjoyed by everyone and we ran for 11 weeks. I will start again in September if I have 4 people to learn. Anyone interested in joining a beginner’s group please contact us using the following email –

We play Chicago as it can define one winner and partners are not necessary. People can come on their own.  Members that have been playing on Bridge Base through the long months of lockdown have all managed to hone their skills and are now quite good players. Therefore, I will not be teaching bridge as such just advising and helping where needed. I teach them the basics of Acol and then they can advance as they play at our little group on Thursday morning. It is a very good game and is well worth trying to learn. Good mathematics is also some help.

As it is an anniversary year for the national u3a there is a regional match to be held locally in September more detail will follow later, but if you would like to take part please contact me.

Group Leader: Janice Henderson