Portsdown U3A

Website Policy
  • Last Updated: 21 Jan 2017

WEBSITE POLICY (as amended 18.01.17)

  1. Information for inclusion on the website should be emailed to the web editor, web-editor@portsdownu3a.org.uk or to the webmaster, admin@portsdownu3a.org.uk or your Group Leader.
  2. There is no restriction on the content other than it should be relevant to Portsdown U3A or one of its groups. It should not be commercial or contentious.
  3. The webmaster or others may refer anything sent for inclusion on the website to the Chairman for approval. The sender will be informed if this happens.
  4. It will be assumed that permission has been obtained for any photographs or personal data that are included in any request and that it is not copyright protected. Inclusion of names, telephone numbers etc will not be encouraged.
  5. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that any photographs, graphics, logos, symbols or anything of a similar nature are free from Copyright or have a published Copyright licence that provides free, unlimited commercial use. In such cases the sender should provide details of the source.
  6. Information that is no longer relevant may be removed after that date or archived.
  7. Formats, layout, colour schemes and size of any submission are at the discretion of the webmaster and the web editor. If you have a specific requirement for style etc, consult the web editor first.
  8. The website is copyright to Portsdown U3A. Any submissions, not copyright protected entered onto the website become the property of Portsdown U3A and may not be copied or reproduced without permission. Any media that is Copyright protected must either have the written permission of the author, or have a published licence, that provides free, unlimited commercial use on the Portsdown U3A website.
  9. The website may contain links to other websites over which we have no control and therefore Portsdown U3A is not responsible for their content.
  10. This Policy is posted for information only and may be altered or amended at any time.

Appendix A  Rules for Editors

  1. Group Leaders who are Editors may only amend or add to, their own pages.
  2. Any difficulties in uploading should be reported to admin@portsdownu3a.org.uk
  3. Any mistakes that you can’t rectify should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the webmaster, the web editor, the Chairman or the Business Secretary.