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  • Last Updated: 15 Jul 2018

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Our group started in August 2015. We meet regularly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Church of the Resurrection at 2.00pm.We like members to try and bring new trips and ideas that would interest them and help to plan them.

We started off to a slow start this year due to the cold weather but now with fingers crossed we can move forward.

January - A group of us went to Austria and did The Legendary Trains in the Grisons and a Bavarian Castle. We went on the Berninian express starting from Thusis doing four countries Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and finishing the trip in Italy. When we went on the Glazier express we could not go as far as stated as President Trump was there and avalanches.

February - A group went to Eastbourne for a week end. They all said it was cold wet and windy, but overall, they all enjoyed themselves at the Imperial Hotel was good value for money. They did manage a bus trip to Hastings,

March - A group of us went with Luckett’s to the Royal Albert Hall to see Mountbatten Festival of Music by the Portsmouth and Gosport Royal Marines. We stopped off at the Guildford Cathedral Refectory, but it was not a good place to have a comfort stop due to the volume of people.

We have got trips arranged for May, July x2, August x2, September x3 and more being discussed. Please keep an eye on the Travel Group page.

Group Leader: Judy Jones
Email: contact@portsdownu3a.org.uk

BOOKED - Places May Still Be Available TOP-TIP: You can print this page

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    4 Forts

    15th Aug 2018 - £21 - Half day with cream tea. Just cruise no stops to get off. Payment in full by the general meeting in April. Deposits ASAP & NOT refundable.

    Contact: Val or Ken James

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    SS Waverley Paddle Steamer day trip

    13th September 2018 - £35.00 - leaving Portsmouth Harbour 10am - arriving Swanage 2.45pm leave 4.15pm - arrive Portsmouth 19.30pm. Deposit £8.00 before 26th March - NOT refundable.

    Contact: Mary Chappell


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    Supreme Court

    30th August 2018 - 1 day tour

    Contact: Booked

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    10th September 2018 - for five days

    Contact: Booked

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    Matinee of the Play That Goes Wrong

    26th September 2018 - 2.30pm

    Contact: Booked


On July 3rd 2018 Val and Ken organised for twelve of us to go on the Medina River Cruise, again, and we would all like to say a big thank you to both of them for doing so.

During a relentlessly hot spell of weather, I think most of us were very grateful to escape Portsmouth and get some fresh sea breeze. It was just what we all needed!

On the way to the Isle of Wight it’s always nice to have a commentary of the things around us. It is so easy to take things for granted and it helps to refresh us of what is on offer around us.

The captain took us round Spitbank Fort twice, giving us ample opportunity to take photos, and we finished off with an interesting tour around Portsmouth Harbour, where we were told about the various Royal Navy ships that were docked.

It was nice to see HMS Queen Elizabeth, the new aircraft carrier, as I don’t think many of us had seen her before, and it was incredible to see it close up and get get a sense of just how big she really is!

On the 17th May a group of sixteen of us went to visit the Milestones Museum near Basingstoke. The weather was kind to us but unfortunately we were inside. None of us quite knew what to expect when going there, but once there we ended up being pleasantly surprised.

It took us right back in time and how things would have been from approximately 1840 to the late 1960’s .it was nice looking at all the different things and and taking us back to ones child hood.

They had an old fashioned sweet shop where some of us brought some sweets and most of all a pub. In there they sold lots of old fashioned drinks that we used to drink as children .With the Co-op shop some even remembered their divided number.if not theirs, their mothers.

We can recommend the restaurant as most of us thought it was good value for money and it saved cooking when we got home.

I would like to end by thanking C&R travel for taking us

After an other silly time of 4.05am pick up, I did have a bad start as my over night suit case which was packed full got left behind ( thank-you very much Citywide for your help ) We left for the 9.45am crossing from Dover to Calais. We made a few comfort stops through out the journey until we reached our over night stay at the Mercure Forbach.

The journey through France was dark, raining the whole way and dank. At breakfast most people complained of being stiff from sleeping so well. There was one incident with one in our party with the soak away in their shower as the water came from under the shower cubicle and out into their bedroom.

We made an 8.30 start on the second leg of our journey. The French call traffic bottlenecks, cork stops Bouchon which we hit.

Still raining and dark at 11.45am as we went through Strasbourg and Basel. Just after leaving Basil we stopped a couple of time for a comfort and refreshment stops as we did not reach our destination until 7pm it literary rained all the way down so we did not see anything of the landscapes, only plenty of flooding.

When we arrived, we had just enough time for a hot drink, shower and a quick dash to the bar as all drinks were inclusive from 6-9:30. We also had one bottle of red and one of white the table.

On the first day at Feidkirch (Austria) we made our way to Thusis and here we boarded the Berninia Express. It caused quite a bit of excitement for some of us as it arrived on time a pushing snow off the rail track as it arrived at the platform we were on. Once we got seated the adventure began.

The journey took us into the Engadin Valley high in the Southern Alps. Grisons is the largest of the 22 Swiss cantons with 150 valleys We passed through Chur, then over the Julian Pass to St Moritz, Pontresina, over the panoramic Bernina passes. We then went via the Engadin region and then over the magnificent stretch over the Albula pass to Tiefencastle until we reached Tirano Italy. The whole way we had beautiful blue skies and the scenery was stunning and we think the heavens were looking down on us for this journey. We went past some lovely little hamlets set in photograph scenery and watched people skiing and ski surfing. We spent a few hours in Italy before returning to Feidkirch. That day we did four countries. Austria Switzerland Liechtenstein and Italy.

Thanks to the staff at Angela Holidays for organising the holiday and a special thank-you to Avril and Steve for looking after us.

2018 Eastbourne - by Julie

One cold, wet and windy weekend in February a small group of us went to the Imperial hotel in Eastbourne.

We were really pleased with the hotel and our rooms and once unpacked, we went for a walk along the pier to the Victorian Tea Rooms which we had discovered on a previous trip. The weather was kind to us, if rather cold, and we retired to our rooms to gird our loins for an evening of Rock and Roll.

Saturday was increasingly wetter but a group of us boarded the bus to Hastings for an interesting visit. We went up to the top on the railway but the rain came in at that point so we visited old Hastings.

The hotel was good value and the staff were lovely. All in all a good weekend and great company.



On Friday 9th March twelve of us met at the Old Post Office to go up to the Royal Albert Hall. We made a comfort stop at the Guildford Cathedral refectory which we did not think was a good idea. It was manic there, with far too many people queuing up for coffee/teas also not enough toilet facilities for the of amount of people visiting there.

We were dropped off right outside the Royal Albert Hall and had four hours to kill before the performance. Some of us would have liked to pay to have had a tour around the Hall but by the time we arrived we had missed the last tour of the day.

Seven of us made our way up to Marks and Spencer’s Kensington High street to be fed and watered and to keep out of the rain. We made our way back for ½ hour before the performance started so we could buy CD’s and programmes etc and have a look around the ground level.

When we took our seats, we sat and admired the beauty of the hall and when we stood up for the National Anthem human nature made us turn around to see who may be in the Royal Box.

The show was well worth the money and the Portsmouth and Gosport Royal Marines made this country proud.

When we came out it was still raining and the coach driver true to his word picked us up very near to the Hall as possible, so we did not have to walk very far. He made good progress on the return journey and got us home about 12.30am. All lifts given to people who lived on their own. In all we had a nice time.

The owner came out to greet us to his establishment. The room was very comfy though the floor was uneven. The food was good and we spend a pleasant evening in the lounge. After the entertainment we retired to bed.

The next day we were not going to Thursford until 3:30pm so we decided to go for a walk alone to the sea front. It was very pleasant, just a slight breeze but no sunshine. We looked at some amazing old building and a statue of Nelson's column. We stopped for a cup of coffee on the way back to the hotel. We had an early lunch in the hotel which was very tasty, and then set of in the coach.

It was dark by the time we got there and all the lights were twinkling. They could be seen for a long distance. We had plenty of time to wander around the shops, and enjoy the whole vista before the show started at 7:00pm. We also had time for a cup of the tea and a cake. The show was very enjoyable with lots of singing and dancing. The comedian was very funny too! When the show was over it was back to the coach, for a weary but contented journey home, remembering the wonderful show we had seen. It was very late when we got to bed that night.

The next morning we were off to Norwich. What a beautiful city! We went to the Strangers house which is an old Tudor building. It was fascinating. It had been decorated with Christmas decorations of the time. Then we went to Elm Hill. This was a street with lots of Tudor Buildings, barely altered from their original appearance. We found a beautiful restaurant and had a very tasty lunch and then we walked down the hill and looked in a couple of very interesting shops. One was craft shop and the other was a teddy bear shop.

Next it was on to the Cathedral where we met Beryl and Ann. We wandered round the cathedral looking at some of the relics, we also went into the treasury where there was some beautiful examples of gold and silver chalices. We had a cup of tea and a slice of cake in the refectory. We ambled back through the town to the coach stop. It was a beautiful city and I am glad I have been to see it and hopefully I will be able to go again some time. Then it was back to the hotel for an evening meal. They had done a beautiful job laying it up for a Christmas meal. We had crackers and Turkey with all the trimmings. Very enjoyable. We then had to pack our case's so we were ready to leave early the next morning. We had a good run home and had plenty of lovely memories of the few days away.

Over 20 of us met on this sunny but cold day. The visit gave us opportunity to explore the museum and gardens before lunch. The formal gardens, including the intricate box hedging, have been laid out based on the archaeological evidence found on the site. The kitchen garden contained herbs and medicinal plants and how these were used in Roman times was particularly interesting.

Inside the museum we were able to view the largest collection of floor mosaics found in Britain. The mosaics span the life of the place and show the differing styles from the early black and white ones to the coloured dolphin mosaic.

After lunch we attended a very interesting lecture led by Katrina, a very enthusiastic archaeologist. She was able to explain how the palace was built and what materials were used. We were able to handle Roman artefacts including roof tiles, nails, glass, pieces of mosaics and painted plaster which once adorned the walls of this magnificent palace.

This was a very enjoyable and interesting day.