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The Strollers walking group is for men and women who want a gentle walk. The distance is usually between 2½ to 3 miles on level terrain, but occasionally there may be an incline which is taken at a very slow pace. There is often things of interest to look at – churches, old houses and even new interesting buildings. Our walks would not be complete without our lunch breaks. This is optional as it is not always possible for people to stay, but most of us do, and we have found some very enjoyable eating places – as well as the not so good !

The Strollers meet once a fortnight on a Friday morning (alternate Fridays with the Striders and Stragglers – these group walks are on the same Friday). All the walks are decided prior to the next programme of walks. There are three of these programmes a year. The group is involved in the decision making with individuals volunteering to lead a walk, if they feel able. Access the Walk tab, on the Strollers web page, to see the current walks. If you are less able and would prefer an easier walk then try the the Stragglers Group. For the more strenuous walks see the Striders Group.

Group Leader: Linda Hugo-Vieten

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