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  I hope this will be a fun group, singing with no pressure to hit the right note, to keep perfect time, to learn separate parts or work towards public performances.

Singing in a group has many benefits: it exercises the lungs, engages a busy mind reducing stress and anxiety, encourages friendship, and in this group I hope will be a great deal of laughter.

We’ll sing songs most of us know well using printed lyric sheets, sometimes with backing tracks and sometimes with just a note to start us off. I’m open to suggestions for new songs – it’s impossible to please everyone !

The meetings will be on the third Monday of each month – apart from August – from 2 till 4pm at the Church of the Resurrection. With, perhaps most importantly, a 20 to 30 minute break for a chat with tea & biscuits

So long as we have over 18 wa-a-a-rblers the cost will be £1 and we’ve easily managed that so far.

The singing is purely for our own enjoyment feel free to dip in and out of the group as it suits you. Do give it a try, I’m no great singer myself, I just about hold a tune which is quite good enough.

Group Leader: Liz Parry