Portsdown U3A



Sep 2019



A Message from Group Co-ordinator about New Groups

Dear Member

I am writing to inform you of two new groups that are starting up – Ukulele and Sunday Diners.

Glennis has been running a Ukulele group for a year now and more people would like to join. She has decided to run another group in the morning for newbies or people who just want to learn in a slow easy manner. The afternoon group is for improvers. If you would like to join either group please contact Glennis via contact@portsdownu3a.org.uk first to chat through your skill level and your preferred style of learning.

Sunday Diners is run by Sheila McKeown and will commence on Sunday 13th October and from then on it will be held on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Sheila wanted to join the present dining group but it was full and she was persuaded to start another group. This group was set up with the idea of increasing membership of U3A and offering those people who could not get into the original dining group an alternative. Whilst Sheila is keen to have members they cannot belong to both dining groups as this would limit numbers for others. If members wish to join but are already members of the other dining group they must choose which group they want to be members of.

We have checked this with the U3A’s National Office, who have stated that “U3As are allowed to set criteria to benefit the whole membership when running a group, so being a member of two very similar groups may not be in the interest of the membership as a whole, as it has the opposite effect in limiting the numbers rather than giving the opportunity for more members to have the experience.”

There will be another book group starting in January 2020 – called Page Turners – keep an eye on the website for more details.

Also in January 2020, two new groups, which are in the planning stage at present, will be available – Creative Writing and Social History.

Hope to see you on Open Afternoon.

Joyce Wilkinson

Group Co-ordinator