Portsdown U3A

Portsdown U3A Documents
  • Last Updated: 24 Jan 2019

These documents are available to view and print.

Important Portsdown U3A Documents

  1. Portsdown U3A Constitution PDF
  2. Portsdown U3A Committee WebPage
  3. Privacy Policy GDPRWebPage
  4. Data Protection Policy GDPRWebPage
  5. Website Publishing Policy GDPRWebPage
  6. Website Cookie & Privacy Policy GDPRWebPage
  7. Legitimate Interest Assessment (ICE) GDPRWebPage

Portsdown U3A – Polices and Advice

  1. Financial Policy  PDF
  2. Handbook For Group Leaders PDF
  3. Expenses Policy For Members  PDF
  4. Portsdown U3A Licences  PDF
  5. Copyright Information PDF
  6. Safeguarding Policy and Procedure PDF
  7. Portsdown U3A Insurance – Summary PDF
  8. Assets Policy PDF
  9. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion PDF
  10. Beacon Documentation GDPRU3A National Office Webpage

Portsdown U3A – Forms

  1. Declaration For Fit And Proper Person PDF
  2. Gift Aid Form PDF
  3. Membership Form PDF
  4. Subscription Waiver Application Form PDF
  5. Your Interests And Opportunities PDF
  6. Change of Details Form PDF
  7. Collections PDF
  8. Expenses Claim PDF
  9. Incident Report Form PDF
  10. Paying In Slip PDF
  11. Speaker’s Form A PDF
  12. Speaker’s Form B PDF
  13. Membership Cashiers Form PDF
  14. ‘Third Age Matters’ Direct Mail Request Form PDF

Portsdown U3A – Role Descriptions

  1. Chair Job Role PDF
  2. Vice Chair Job Role PDF
  3. Business Secretary Job Role PDF
  4. Treasurer Job Role PDF
  5. Committee Responsibilities PDF
  6. Group Co-Ordinator Duties PDF
  7. Group Leaders Duties PDF
  8. Membership Secretary Job PDF
  9. Beacon Administrator PDF
  10. Minute Secretary Job Role PDF
  11. Newsletter Editor Job Role PDF
  12. Press Secretary Duties PDF
  13. Speakers’ Secretary Job Description PDF
  14. Volunteer And New Member Co-Ordinator PDF
  15. Volunteers PDF
  16. Web Editor Job PDF
  17. Web Master Duties PDF

Portsdown U3A – Byelaws and Disciplinary

  1. Bye Laws PDF
  2. Code of Conduct for Trustees – Appendix A  PDF
  3. Code of Conduct for Members – Appendix B PDF
  4. Complaints Procedure – Appendix C  PDF
  5. Grievance Procedure – Appendix D  PDF
  6. Disciplinary Procedure – Appendix E  PDF
  7. Bye Laws – Appendix F  PDF

Portsdown U3A – Subcommittees

  1. Beacon Subcommittee Terms Of Reference PDF
  2. Open Afternoon Subcommittee Terms Of Reference  PDF
  3. Website Subcommittee Terms Of Reference  PDF
  4. Annual Lecture Subcommittee Terms Of Reference  PDF

Health & Safety

  1. Risk Assessment Policy PDF
  2. Workshop Activity Risk Assessment Checklist PDF
  3. Walk Leader Risk Assessment Checklist PDF
  4. Venue Checklist PDF
  5. Venue Risk Assessment Checklist PDF