Portsdown U3A

Portsdown U3A Documents
  • Last Updated: 6 Apr 2019

These documents are available to view and print.

Important Portsdown U3A Documents

  1. Portsdown U3A Constitution Revised:May 2018PDF
  2. Portsdown U3A Committee Revised:Feb 2019PDF
  3. Privacy Policy Review Due:May 2020GDPRPDF
  4. Data Protection Policy Review Due:May 2019GDPRPDF
  5. Website Publishing Policy Review Due:May 2019GDPRPDF
  6. Website Cookie & Privacy Policy Published:Nov 2018GDPRPDF
  7. Legitimate Interest Assessment (ICE) Review Due:May 2020GDPRPDF

Portsdown U3A – Polices and Advice

  1. Financial Policy  Review Due:April 2020PDF
  2. Handbook For Group Leaders Published:Nov 2018PDF
  3. Expenses Policy For Members  Review Due:June 2021PDF
  4. Portsdown U3A Licences  Published:Nov 2018PDF
  5. Copyright Information Review Due:June 2020PDF
  6. Safeguarding Policy and Procedure Published:Nov 2018PDF
  7. Portsdown U3A Insurance – Summary Published:Sept 2018PDF
  8. Assets Policy Review Due:July 2020PDF
  9. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Review Due:May 2019PDF
  10. Beacon Documentation GDPRU3A National Office Webpage

Portsdown U3A – Forms

  1. Declaration For Fit And Proper Person Review Due:Nov 2019PDF
  2. Gift Aid Form NEW MEMBERS PACKReview Due:July 2019PDF
  3. Membership Form NEW MEMBERS PACKReview Due:Mar 2021PDF
  4. Subscription Waiver Application Form Review Due:May 2020PDF
  5. Your Interests And Opportunities NEW MEMBERS PACKReview Due:Mar 2021PDF
  6. Change of Details Form Review Due:Sept 2020PDF
  7. Collections Review Due:Jan 2020PDF
  8. Expenses Claim Published:Nov 2018PDF
  9. Incident Report Form Published:Nov 2018PDF
  10. Paying In Slip Published:Nov 2018PDF
  11. Speaker’s Form A Review Due:July 2019PDF
  12. Speaker’s Form B Review Due:July 2019PDF
  13. Membership Cashiers Form Published:Nov 2018PDF
  14. ‘Third Age Matters’ Direct Mail Request Form Published:Nov 2018PDF

Portsdown U3A – Role Descriptions

  1. Chair Job Role Review Due:June 2020PDF
  2. Vice Chair Job Role Review Due:May 2020PDF
  3. Business Secretary Job Role Review Due:Dec 2019PDF
  4. Treasurer Job Role Review Due:April 2020PDF
  5. Committee Responsibilities Review Due:Aug 2020PDF
  6. Group Co-Ordinator Duties Review Due:April 2020PDF
  7. Group Leaders Duties Review Due:Sept 2019PDF
  8. Membership Secretary Job Review Due:May 2020PDF
  9. Beacon Administrator Review Due:May 2019PDF
  10. Minute Secretary Job Role Review Due:Dec 2019PDF
  11. Newsletter Editor Job Role Review Due:July 2019PDF
  12. Press Secretary Duties Review Due:May 2020PDF
  13. Speakers’ Secretary Job Description Review Due:July 2019PDF
  14. Volunteer And New Member Co-Ordinator Review Due:April 2020PDF
  15. Volunteers Review Due:April 2020PDF
  16. Web Editor Job Review Due:June 2020PDF
  17. Web Master Duties Review Due:June 2020PDF

Portsdown U3A – Byelaws and Disciplinary

  1. Bye Laws Revised:Nov 2018PDF
  2. Code of Conduct for Trustees – Appendix A  Review Due:Jan 2020PDF
  3. Code of Conduct for Members – Appendix B Review Due:Jan 2020PDF
  4. Complaints Procedure – Appendix C  Review Due:Jan 2020PDF
  5. Grievance Procedure – Appendix D  Review Due:Jan 2020PDF
  6. Disciplinary Procedure – Appendix E  Review Due:Jan 2020PDF
  7. Bye Laws – Appendix F  Review Due:Jan 2020PDF

Portsdown U3A – Subcommittees

  1. Beacon Subcommittee Terms Of Reference Review Due:June 2020PDF
  2. Open Afternoon Subcommittee Terms Of Reference  Review Due:May 2019PDF
  3. Website Subcommittee Terms Of Reference  Review Due:June 2021PDF
  4. Annual Lecture Subcommittee Terms Of Reference  Review Due:June 2020PDF

Health & Safety

  1. Risk Assessment Policy Published:Nov 2018PDF
  2. Workshop Activity Risk Assessment Checklist Published:Nov 2018PDF
  3. Walk Leader Risk Assessment Checklist Published:Nov 2018PDF
  4. Venue Checklist Published:Nov 2018PDF
  5. Venue Risk Assessment Checklist Published:Nov 2018PDF