Portsdown U3A

Mahjong Group 1
  • Last Updated: 13 Jan 2018

Mahjong pic

We are now in our new ‘home’ at Cosham Community Centre, which easily accomodates us, even at full strength. We’ve found the ‘noise’ a little disconcerting sometimes, especially when we are all ‘washing’ (mixing up the tiles on the tables) and chatting at the same time . We’re getting used to it and to be fair, that doesn’t often occur – the simultaneous tile-mixing, not the chatting !

Of course, this has meant we have had to charge for the meetings, but it’s not a lot for two hours entertainment. I suppose if we did bet, we could in theory recoup our losses ( though probably not me ! )

We have had one new member since we moved – one very brave man ( amongst a dozen women ! ) who beat us hollow at his first attempt !

We have plenty of room to welcome more newcomers, even if they are better than we are. Please get in touch with me if you would like to join us.

Group Leader: Christine London
Email: contact@portsdownu3a.org.uk