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Mahjong Group 1
  • Last Updated: 22 Aug 2017

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For some time, we’ve got quite close to having to move but never quite managed it. However on the occasions all 14 of us turned up it meant a lot of furniture moving and coffee making, not to mention the washing up and tidying afterwards ! We eventually agreed it was too much to expect anyone to do.

Accordingly, after a little investigation, I found us a new home, so MAHJONG 1 has finally MOVED ! We still meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings each month, but we’re now in Cosham Community Centre. We start a little earlier at 7pm and usually begin to pack up (when we’re falling asleep !) at about 9.20pm. That’s up to each individual, though. As we now hire a room, we have to make a charge to cover the cost – currently £2.50 per session. (Thanks to Liz for collecting and recording this). Everyone makes their own coffee/tea.

Each person in the group takes a turn to be ‘hostess’ but that only means bringing the group’s coffee and tea, and providing the milk, plus being the person we ring to say we are intending to come on ‘her’ night. Much easier than all that furniture moving and coffee making !

As we have more space we are able to take a few more members into the group. So if you are interested do get in touch with me at the U3A meetings or by email. We’d be pleased to welcome you to what I hope is still a friendly sociable group despite the move !

Of course, if anyone is willing to set up another group, that wouldn’t be rejected as I daresay there are people in Portsdown U3A who would like to learn to play. I would remind them that Heather and Janice Henderson host an afternoon group.

Mahjong is a deceptively simple game to learn, at first, so it is easy to get started and join in quickly, BUT, it is possible to take it to a whole new level, or levels, if you want to. That certainly makes the game harder for others and challenges us all ! Some group members have played elsewhere and are willing to teach these ‘special hands’ to others. So, thinking caps on, folks !

The game is intriguing – the basics are easy to learn after a game or two, but it can then be taken to different levels that need a little more concentration, but even so, if you succeeded in calling Mahjong before anyone else, you might not be the person with the most ‘points’ (we don’t gamble, though we do have a small prize for the highest scorer at our Christmas meeting). Whether you play with this evening group, or the Monday afternoon one, you are most welcome to join us.

Janice Henderson’s daughter, Heather, kindly offered, at the Open Afternoon, to host an afternoon group MAHJONG GROUP 2 and this has now been set up for the 2nd and 4th Monday afternoon of each month at Heather’s house. Currently she can only take about 8 people. Most of those who have signed up so far are new to the game, so Janice has agreed to help them to learn how to play. Who knows ? maybe we will be able to have a little tournament next year, between the two groups, and then we’ll see who’s the champion ! ( Most likely not myself ! )

Group Leader: Christine London
Email: contact@portsdownu3a.org.uk