Portsdown U3A

Mahjong Group 1
  • Last Updated: 28 Apr 2018

Mahjong pic

Mahjong have moved again! Our effort to move to a larger venue wasn’t a success – we made too much noise to hear ourselves think !! As numbers began to dwindle, it became clear members weren’t happy, so we began to rethink the problem.

Luckily one member has recently moved into a house with a large reception room and she offered to ‘take us in’ and another who’s already geared up to coping with 3 or 4 tables, plus chairs, agreed to take turns with her.

Thus we have ‘rehomed’ the group back to the original philosophy of meeting in (2) members’ homes. We’re hugely enjoying the ambience and (relative) quiet of these houses.

Of course, this does lilmit us number-wise but it is worth it to have retrieved the friendliness of our group.

We are eternally grateful to Ann and Rita for stepping up and helping us out in our hour of need. Also thanks to Maggie who keeps us up to date with who’s hosting when! Thank you all.

Group Leader: Christine London
Email: contact@portsdownu3a.org.uk