Details of our wide range of groups are shown below. Most are Indoor Groups which meet at locations in Cosham, Portsmouth – some in members’ homes, others in church or community meeting rooms which incur a small charge.

Most meetings are held on the same day each month (except August and Christmas/New year). So for example the French Conversation Group meets on the FIRST MONDAY of the month and the General Meeting is held on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month (except August). Some groups meet on the same day every other week or at less frequent intervals.

There are no limits on the number of groups a member can join. The only proviso is, if there are two or more groups with very similar remits, for example: Play Reading 1 and Play Reading 2; Book Group 1 and Book Group 2, a member may only join one of the groups to allow other members to participate in their chosen interest.

Prospective members may attend two taster sessions before joining a group. This can be with the same group or two different groups. If there is an individual charge required by each member of the group then the prospective members would be expected to pay the charge as well. Should they then wish to join a single group or multiple groups they must become paid-up members of Portsdown U3A.

You can get more information on each group by clicking on the appropriate link below. TOP-TIP: You can print this page

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in joining any of these groups please contact the Group Leader via or at a General Meeting where more details will be available.

Groups Timetable

FIRST14:00 French Conversation14:00 Art – Creative14:00 Crafts
14:00 Play Reading 2
10:30 Bridge
14:00 Genealogy
10:00 History – Local
14:00 Book – Page Turners
SECOND14:00 Mahjong 2
14:00 Photography
14:00 Computer
14:00 Mahjong 1
14:00 Travel10:00 Music – Popular
10:30 Bridge
10:30 Ukulele
12:30 Dining Out
14:00 Book Club
14:00 Ukulele Improvers
14:00 Art Appreciation12:30 Dining – Sunday Diners
THIRD14:00 Scrabble/Rummikub & Board Games
14:00 Singing – Sparklers
14:00 General Meeting10:30 Bridge14:15 Philosophy
FOURTH14:00 Mahjong 210:30 Buildings Appreciation
14:00 Mahjong 1
14:00 Music Appreciation10:30 Bridge
10:30 Ukulele
14:00 Play Reading 1
14:00 Ukulele Improvers
12:30 Dining Out
FIFTH10:30 Bridge
ALTERNATE WEEKS14:00 French Refreshers10:15 Walking – Striders
10:25 Walking – Strollers
11:00 Walking – Stragglers
14:30 French Beginners

Groups List

Art AppreciationCarol Evans
Art – CreativePat O’ Mahoney
Book ClubShirley Russell
Book – Page TurnersJanet Turner
BridgeJanice Henderson
Buildings AppreciationChristine London
ComputerJoyce Wilkinson
CraftsLinda Hugo-Vieten
Dining OutVivienne Grigson
Dining – Sunday DinersSheila McKeown
French BeginnersHeather Rogers
French ConversationMaureen Vilar
French RefreshersHeather Rogers
GenealogyVivien Walters
History – LocalSteve Doe
iPad SupportJoyce Wilkinson
Mahjong 1Christine London
Mahjong 2Heather Henderson
Music AppreciationJulie Bowman
Music – PopularHeather Rogers
PhilosophyDiana Warren
PhotographyTrevor Evans
Play Reading 1Jo Dance
Play Reading 2Diane Hiley
Scrabble/Rummikub & Board GamesJanette Rowe
Singing – SparklersLiz Parry
TravelJudy Jones
UkuleleGlennis Boardman Pace
Walking – StragglersMary Chappell
Walking – StridersJanice Henderson
Walking – StrollersLinda Hugo-Vieten