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French Beginners Group
  • Last Updated: 26 Jul 2015

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French Beginners

This group is for people with little French or those who want to go back to basics. A French refreshers course also exists for those who feel more confident and wish to refresh their knowledge.


Both groups concentrate on spoken French and we practise speaking about ourselves and learn how to cope with everyday situations in a French speaking country. The meetings are friendly and light-hearted and we only talk about verbs and grammar when absolutely necessary!

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We started these two French groups in addition to Maureen Vilar’s existing group in February 2014, and since then a lot of hard work has been done, some definite improvement has been achieved, and a lot of friendships have been made – and quite a number of chocolate biscuits have been consumed!


I have to say that after many years of teaching teenagers, many of whom didn’t want to learn French, it has been refreshing to meet people who want to learn and who are so willing to try to improve. I know that many of the people who come along fortnightly to our sessions lack confidence in their ability but their French really has improved in the past 15 months or so (and I am not just saying that!!). Perhaps we should organise a U3A trip to France so we could all put into practice what we have learnt!!


The Beginners group, which meets on Friday afternoons, is quite small, so we could easily accommodate more people if anyone is interested.


Heather Rogers

The French beginners class meet in Cosham Fortnightly between 2:30 – 4 p.m. on Fridays
Email: contact@portsdownu3a.org.uk