No special skills are required for this group but the emphasis will be on OBSERVATION, IMAGINATION AND MEMORY as we will experiment with a variety of mark making techniques and media to produce through self expression individual art works perhaps in the form of an Artists Book, a Cornell Box, a Visual Diary, a wall frieze or copy an Grecian pot or a Kandinsky print !

We will examine how Poetry, Music and Literature or perhaps the daily news reports of world events can evoke emotions – how can we illustrate them ? How did artists in the past express their feelings in abstract form ?

Still Life, Movement, Collage, Print, Silhouettes, Cartoons, Doodles, Zentangles… the group has only just formed and we have not scratched the surface yet. Whilst it should be fun, it is hoped that it will be instructive too.

There are no places at the moment but if you are interested please contact me and I will add you to a waiting list.

Group Leader: Pat O’ Mahoney