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Our bridge group is doing very well. All our beginners are now able to play and are enjoying the practise every week. We hold it on Thursday mornings at 10.30am in the front hall of “The Church of the Resurrection” in Drayton. There is a £1 attendance cost per member for room hire and refreshments.

We could do with a few more beginners or improvers if you are keen to learn the game. If you have played Whist it is an easy progression to Bridge. The playing is very similar. The hardest part is the bidding. It is a matter of counting and learning how many points to allow for your partner.

If you would like to know more then please contact me.

Group Leader: Janice Henderson


This month we are going to look at the use of doubles. This is a very useful bidding tool without putting the bidding up too high. The two easiest and most used are as follows.

Take Out Doubles

The opponents have opened the bidding and you have opening values but no 5 card suit and no stop in in opponents suit so double saying to partner have you a 5card suit. Partner must answer if the opponents pass. If the opponents have opened 1NT and you hold 16+ points then double to tell partner you have a good hand.

Penalty Doubles

This is if you think you can stop the opponents from making their contract. Say they are in 4 hearts and you hold Queen Jack Ten and one other of trumps you could double. The way to work this out is the rule of nine. Contract 4 + 4 trumps + 2 honours in trumps = 10 so double. Contract 3 spades + 4spades no honours + 2 outside Aces = 9 so you can double, but this is a little more risky.


Opponents have opened 1NT what would you bid with the following hands.

  1. K J 10 9 4 2
    4 3
    Q 9 8 5
  2. A K 4 2
    Q J 2
    K Q 10
    J 10 9
  3. 10 8 7 4 2
    K 8 7
    10 9 2
    J 8
  4. A K J 10 6 4 2
    Q J
    K Q 10 8