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Our bridge group is doing very well. All our beginners are now able to play and are enjoying the practise every week. We hold it on Thursday mornings at 10.30am in the Nugee Room (Church Hall) St Peter & St Paul Church, Medina Road, Wymering PO6 3NH. The entrance to the car park is in Old Wymering Lane or there is parking in Medina Road.

We could do with a few more beginners or improvers if you are keen to learn the game. If you have played Whist it is an easy progression to Bridge. The playing is very similar. The hardest part is the bidding. It is a matter of counting and learning how many points to allow for your partner.

If you would like to know more then please contact me.

Group Leader: Janice Henderson

I am trying to teach Bacis Acol with a low no trump 12-14
Whilst Bridge has many basics to get use to, no bidding or response is set in stone. When you look at your hand you may have several ways of bidding it. Different people have different views and with this Quiz I am trying to give some basic options. 

Bidding Quiz for August/September 2019

You are dealer and you hold

1 a  K Q 5
      Q J 10 9
      A 3 2
      7 6 5

2 b  A Q J 8 7
      A 4 3
      Q 8 6
      K Q

3 c  A
      9 7 4
      8 7
      K Q 10 9 8 6 3

What would you bid ?

Partner has opened the above hands what would your response be if you held the hand below?

1a   J 10 4 2
       K 8 7 4
       K Q
       A 9 2

2 b   10 9 4 2
       K J 5 2
       A 8 6 3

3 c   K Q 5 4
       A 2
       A J 9
       A 7 5 2

Convention of the Month


Staymen is a good convention when your partner has opened 1NT. If you have 11-12 points and a 4 or 5 card major you can go 2 asking partner if he has a 4 card major.

Partners Responses
                     2 denies a 4 card major
                     2 4 hearts
                     2 4 spades

Depending on their reply you now know what they have. 2 or the opposite suit to the one you hold go back to 2NT. If they bid your suit you can leave them at the 2 level or go to 3 depending on the shape of your hand.