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Our bridge group is doing very well. All our beginners are now able to play and are enjoying the practise every week. We hold it on Thursday mornings at 10.30am in the front hall of “The Church of the Resurrection” in Drayton. There is a £1 attendance cost per member for room hire and refreshments.

We could do with a few more beginners or improvers if you are keen to learn the game. If you have played Whist it is an easy progression to Bridge. The playing is very similar. The hardest part is the bidding. It is a matter of counting and learning how many points to allow for your partner.

If you would like to know more then please contact me.

Group Leader: Janice Henderson


Benjamin two’s or weak two’s. The rules of this can vary depending on what you have agreed with partner.

It’s basically a pre-empt. Opening a weak 2 of a major with 6-10 point and 6 cards of that suit.
It has become very popular in the clubs today replacing the strong two’s. To show a strong hand you have to bid differently.

The idea is you bid

  • 2 telling partner I have 19 -20 points or 8 playing tricks
  • 2 I have 23 + points
  • 2 or 2 I have 6 card in this suit but only 6-10 points.
  • 2 No Trumps; I have 21-22 with a balanced hand.

The responses would be:

To 2 – 2 this is a relay rather than a negative, so partner can let you know their suit.
To 2 – 2 this is the same as above. If you have 7+ points you can let partner know with your next bid. You should be looking for a slam.

To 2 or 2 If you have less than 16 points you would normally pass. If you have 16+ points you would respond 2 No Trumps. This is asking partner to describe their hand.

The responses are:

  • 3 suit and points weak
  • 3 suit strong points weak
  • 3 Suit weak points strong.
  • 3 both strong.

Hopefully you are looking for game. At least you will be in 4 of the major or 3 No Trumps.


What would you bid if you held the hands below.

  1. K 10 5
    A J 10
    A K J
    A Q J 8
  2. A 10 7 5
    A K 10
    K Q 8
    K Q J
  3. A K Q J 10 6
    K 10
    K Q J 7 6
  4. K Q J 9 8 4
    8 2
    Q J 10 4