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Our bridge group is doing very well. All our beginners are now able to play and are enjoying the practise every week. We hold it on Thursday mornings at 10.30am in the front hall of “The Church of the Resurrection” in Drayton. There is a £1.50 attendance cost per member for room hire and refreshments.

We could do with a few more beginners or improvers if you are keen to learn the game. If you have played Whist it is an easy progression to Bridge. The playing is very similar. The hardest part is the bidding. It is a matter of counting and learning how many points to allow for your partner.

If you would like to know more then please contact me.

Group Leader: Janice Henderson


This month we are going to look at defence. This can be as important as good play. Defence is almost as complicated as bidding. There are many different systems for discards showing what suit you want your partner to play.

If partner leads an Ace means he has the King or a singleton. Aces are for catching king so don’t lead an unprotected Ace.

If partner leads a King he either has the the queen or the ace, showing a doubleton.

Lead a queen and it could be the head of a run, (Q J 10), a singleton, or high low, Doubleton.

If you like what partner leads to encourage them to play another, play a high card and to discourage play a low card.

A very simple idea is the first discard you are able to make is the suit you would like played to you. This is called attitude.

Reverse attitude Discard a low card of the suit that you want your partner to lead.

Dods Easy to follow and understand. Even number I would like this suit back, Odd I want the other suit of the same colour.


The bidding goes 1 pass    1NT All pass

You hold the hands below what would you lead

  1. Q J 10 7 5 7 6 4 A 3 Q 7 6
  2. K J 7 5 3 A 3 9 6 3 Q 10 2
  3. 9 8 4 Q 8 7 5 2 A 2 K 7 3
  4. Q 6 4 3 Q 9 2 Q J 10 A 7 6

You hold the following hand. K 5 10 9 8 Q 6 2 A 10 7 6 5
What would you lead after the bidding

  1.       1 NT Pass     3NT All Pass
  2.      1 Pass 2 Pass 3 Pass 4 All pass
  3.      1 Pass 3 Pass 4 All pass
  4.      1 Pass 1 Pass 1 Pass 3 Pass 3 NT All pass